But it is suddenly….

Eri Nya -san

in King Garage ✨

It is said that the water environment at home is not good, so I decided to wash the Rble Witch specification in King Garage.

King Kazu installed the grip purchased the other day …

Ajapa 😭

Cut the throttle holder is required, but there is no cutting tool in Kingare.

Visit her friend K house with Eri Nya.

I had it cut neatly and finished!




Under agreement, short touring to Unazuki Onsen 😊

Bampina! ?

It’s beautiful ✨

Lunch time 🍜🍜🍜

My name is Prince Ramen 🍥🍥🍥

Ramen is a choice (laughs)

Speaking of Unazuki Onsen, Okamen -san

Even though the flag is standing up

I’m preparing 😭



Soba’s famous Warabiya -san ✨

If 크레이지슬롯 it is delicious with stone milling powder, it has a high reputation for a long time.

The inside of the store is a calm atmosphere unique to a long -established store.

I was excited!

Tenzaru Soba ¥ 1350✨


Tsutsuyu is also good!

I feel lonely for the tempura.

Super Mai ✨

After the meal, I pierced soba hot water 😊

You can spend time with a beautiful woman from the daytime on weekdays, and I’m happy King Kazu.

Thank you for visiting your blog 😊

Hello everyone ☺️

The time series has been somewhat off recently

This blog


I’m currently Las Vegas

This time I stayed at the largest hotel in Las Vegas

For the door of the room you checked in

Are you welcome?

Are you harassing?

A decoration like this? ?

It ’s

At a 24 -hour casino

While in a zombie state

People who have been playing games all the time

Leaves that have recently 슬롯나라 become legal

People who are dignifiedly in the room around 6 o’clock in the morning, etc.

If you do it in Japan or Korea

Those who are doing a rope feeling in seconds

LIVE in front of you! !

Entertainment like

A city where you can watch it for free

Las Vegas

I get up early and get up early

Both crowds and loud sounds

Both cigarettes and gambling

For those who hate it

Well, it’s hell

It seems that life lasts for about 100 years recently

Experience such a different world

Maybe it will be a study of life …

While thinking about something like

After all, I’m going to go every day

Sell ​​Italian foods

Only in the place called Eataly

After all for my life

Gambling is rather than making money

It ’s better to taste a delicious professional.

It’s really important

It will make you happy …

I reconfirmed something like

I was staying in Las Vegas

What is like


I don’t care

# I’m tired because the flight was long

What happens frequently while traveling

I catch a cold

Somewhere in my body hurts

Breastings can be made, etc.

You didn’t expect it, right?

I sometimes get sick while traveling.

Bring your usual essential supplement

In the morning and evening, the face mask that has recently resumed again


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