The European Conference League (ECL) final, Roman vs Feenolt, was held on the 25th in Albanian Tilana, Albanian, and Rome won 1-0 won the first champion. The ECL was founded this season as the third UEFA competition after the Champions League (CL) and European League (EL). Under Mourinho, Rome, who aims to acquire the second European title in club history since the 1960-61 season’s Fears Cup (EL’s predecessor), has struggled with the Norwegian champion’s body/grimt in the quarterfinals. Despite being, he advanced to the best four as a candidate for the championship. In the semi-finals, the Leicester City of England, who is not good at the semi-finals, has been rejected in a total of 2-1 two races, and has reached the finals since the UEFA Cup (EL’s predecessor), who lost to Intel in the 1990-91 season. Jaroloji, who decided to decorate the last Serie A’s final round with Turin with 3-0, listed the first white star in six league games, and decided to finish 6th place within the next season of EL. Changed the starting four people for turn. In addition to Kumbra, Spinazula, Shomrodov, three main players of smolling, Calzdolp, and Zaniolo have returned, and Mujitarian, who had been forced to leave for about a month, has been used in the production in place of Sergio Olibeira. 。 On the other hand, Feenolt, who started this season under the new director of the Slot, broke through the preliminary qualifying, which had been participated in the second round, and the group stage passed 4 wins and 2 unbeaten. In the final tournament, Partizan and Slavia Prague were repeated, and in the semi -finals, they clashed with the championship candidate Marseille. Although it was thought to be inferior in the lower horse review, he won the competition in a total of 3-2 and Shinji Ono and others, and made the final advance since the 2001-02 season of 2001-02 season. Aiming for three UEFA competition domination of CL, EL, and ECL, the first time in the season, Eldibiji 3rd in the season has lost 1-2 in the final section at home, but the preparation period is 9 days. With a great advantage, he got into Tilana in good condition. In addition, the notable starter adopted the same starter as two semi -finals with Marseille, except that the GK was replaced by Marciano to a regular GK bilow after injury. The final of the fate of the first champion by Italy and the Netherlands is in the development of a crunchy with each other right after kicking off. In particular, in the early stages, the defense was pressure from the defensive before the high strength, and the mistakes in the build -up were noticeable, and the ball was restless for a while. Accidents occurred in Rome while the attention of the initiative from here was attracting attention. After all, the injuries were not completely cured, and the injured Muhtarian sits on the pitch and makes it impossible to continue playing. After the first half, the composition of Feenolt, who holds the ball and looks at the attacker in the ground battle, and Rome, who responds at the counter. The deciding machines, let alone the deciding machine, fall into a stalemate, where the number of shots increases, but Rome, who pierces the moment of the opponent’s moment, ties the first shot of the game to the goal. In the 32nd minute, the opponent was pushed in with an attack on the left side, and the ball was sent in the box in the box in the center right in the center of the opponent. Zanioro, who trapped the ball behind, poured it with a left foot chip kick just before the DF and the goalkeeper. The score moved from the glaring situation, and the game gradually became open. Feenolt, who wants to catch up in the first half, 카지노 strengthens the offensive over the first half of the first half, but the top scoring ranking Desthers is DF smoking, and the attack is stagnant due to the DF smoking, a cinister, which is the starting point of the collapse. Kocchu and Aulesnes aimed for the goal with a shot from the middle range, but both were saved by the goalkeeper Louis Patrissio. In the game of Rome’s one -point lead, Feenolt, who carries the behind, has momentum. Immediately after the kick -off in the second half, the right CK was obtained, and the high -speed cross, which was put in the goal line from the short corner, hit the DF Mancini’s feet, who tried to clear in near. In addition, Til, who responded to the spilling ball in the center of the box, immediately fired his right foot shot, but the goalkeeper Patrissio appears in a stunning reaction. Despite missing the tie -off goal of lightning stone fire, the Dutch prestigious, which gained momentum, Malacia, who responded to the polite dropping of Aarsnes near the penalty tier in 50 minutes, swung out the left foot, but captured the right of the frame. When GK Patrissio saved again with a sharp reaction, he hit the right post. Rome maintains the lead with continuous saves of the guardian deity, but in the second half, it is difficult to turn the opponent at the counter, and the situation continues to be pushed into the own team. Nevertheless, the defenders are more focused than the first half, and they surpass the pinch at the water’s edge. After 60 minutes, Feeenolt puts the captain’s tolstra instead of Till. In the 67th minute, Rome lowered the specialty Zaniolo and Zalefski to simultaneously put in experienced players, Veletu and Spinzula, and takes a leverage in the middle of the game. Rome, who succeeded in returning to an even situation due to the aggressive fatigue of Feyenolt and the replacement described above, created the first half of the second half in the 73rd minute. Veletu, who responded to the loose ball in front of the box from the flow of the left CK, flies the middle shot of the right foot to the left of the frame, but this is blocked by the goalkeeper of the goalkeeper, which is not an additional point to decide the game. 。 After that, the trump card Brian Linsen was sent to the pitch, and Feyenolt, who aimed for the goal with a front two -back, strengthened the offensive and developed a half coat game in the opponent. However, Rome’s defense, which tightens the center exactly, cannot be broken. While both benches used up five replacement cards and came to the last game, the match was an advanced time attack with 5 minutes. Feenolt, who takes the goal open around the set play, has a decision machine to Linsen from Desthers, but it cannot be decided. In the game, the time was up, and Rome, who protected the goal of Zaniolo’s tiger child with the defense of the iron wall, won the ECL’s first champion, and took the second Europeans in Europe for the first time in about 60 years. Mourinho was the first champion of the UEFA3 Competition of CL, EL, and ECL.

“Wrangler” proves that Japanese people want “Kurokan 4WD” instead of urban SUVs! In 2021, Jeep’s national liability was recorded 14,294 units, and the highest sales ever. This has been updating sales records for nine consecutive years since 2013, and it can be understood that Japanese people are looking for jeep. Among them, the “Wrangler” is in great shape, recorded by 20.4 % compared to the previous year, and is more sold than the D -segment “Volvo XC60”, “Mercedes -Benz GLC”, and “BMW X3”. If you look at this data, you can see if Jeep Wrangler is stimulating the Japanese cord. By the way, in addition to Wranglers, “Renegade” and “Compass” in the B 해외바카라사이트 / C segment are also performing well, and it has gained high popularity as a jeep entry model. [Image] A classic but the latest spectral Wandler (77 pieces in total) If you organize the one and only presence of the rugged full -fledged crocan, “Renegade” (3.38 million yen) (3.38 million yen ~), “Compass” (3.69 million yen ~), “Wrangler” (7.04 million yen ~), a popular jeep, and high -end model “Grand Cherokeie L” (7.88 million yen), will soon be on sale. It is five models of the truck -style “Gradiator” (8.1 million yen), and the Renegade also has a plug -in hybrid (5.5 million yen). Unfortunately, there are many rumors that the “cheroky”, which has been a pioneer in the popularity of jeep at one time, has been canceled and sold, and it will be inherited to “Liberty”, which will be debuted as a new model in the future. In the first place, the image of a jeep raised in Japanese people was a “military car”, and in postwar Japan was recognized as a U.S. soldier vehicle. Later, in the TV drama “Combat”, it played an important role as a car riding by Sougen Sougen, and the memory of “Marume 2 light headlights and 7 slot grills = jeep” was burned. The jeep has a strong image of the martial arts, and it can be seen that it has also influenced the “Suzuki Jimny” and “Toyota Land Cruiser Prado”, which keeps waiting for delivery. Recently, many models called urban SUVs and Urban SUVs have been released, but SUVs are originally abbreviated as “Sports Utility Vehicle”, and if translated into Japanese, it is a “multipurpose vehicle for sports”. Originally, the wilderness and the jeep running around the battlefield are not included in the SUV, but I think it should be distinguished as an old -fashioned “cross -country (cross -country 4WD)”. In short, SUVs and Kurokan 4WD are similar cars, and it is nonsense to arrange them on the same line. As the SUV has caused a big boom, the only player who has a unique presence is a retro style of the back tires on the traditional round eyes, and its martial arts is “Jeep = extraordinary car. Is embodied.


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