The post after a long time is such a story lol

The important thing was destroyed. There is, to my husband.

When I was still in my 20s, I purchased it in a champagne glass that was published in a certain mail order magazine.

It was a cute glass with hand -drawn -style lily of the tin and French.

It’s not a luxury item like Baccarat or Redel, but I liked it and took care of it.

When moving from Nagoya to Sapporo, it was carried carefully.

It was broken by her husband a few years ago.

It’s not intentional, it will break someday, it can’t be helped.

But why don’t you apologize until you are pointed out by me, who has broken?

Moreover, I don’t apologize for “I’m sorry”

“It’s okay because I can buy a new one with this.”

After a while, her husband broke the object in her shop carelessly.

Find at a certain store when you are preparing 카지노 to open a business, and do not sell

It was her husband’s favorite, which I absolutely asked and gave it.

Watakushi worked on her stunned husband, saying, “I was sorry,” while gathering her fragments.

… And she smiled and smiled.

“But it’s okay because you can buy something new.”

For a moment, she was angry and strengthened her face, but she was just the words she once told me

The face of a husband who does not get angry.

And I’m the one who broke it.

I took the enemy of the champagne glass.

… I know that my personality is bad,

But my favorite was broken

Please take a look at this much.

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