A new perfume “Mikadoro I (Mica D’ORO I)” appears from the Valmont fragrance collection “Story Venetian Bay Valmon”. It will be released on November 1, 2021 (Monday).

“Mikadoro I (Mica D’Oro I)” is a fragrance of rich oriental guruman scent, inspired by drunkenness, pleasure, and decadent sailors who continue the endless sailing of the Oriental and the West. 。

First of all, the scent of the lamb

An express the heat of a wet casino. Next, whipped cream spreads into a sensual and creamy, and finally the enchanted vanilla creates an oriental atmosphere.

Kendal Genner and Hailey Beaver are all loved by classical loafers. Choose a unique platform and calf hair, etc.

Aiming for a debris style is like a way of enjoying this season.

Authentic loafers that can be used all season and easy to match any style are the standard items that you want to keep. It tends to be a preepy impression, but if you look at the dressing of fashionable sages, Kendal Genner and Hailey Beaver, the versatility is clear at a glance.

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