Sony will surely launch α9III and α7RV in the latter half of this year. Sony will generally match the successor to the α9II and the successor to the α7RIV later this year. The successor to the α9II (α9III?) Will be able to shoot 30 frames per second or higher -speed continuous shooting as a high -speed continuous shooter. The image sensor, of course, is a back -transplanted CMOS sensor (Exmor RS), which increases the reading speed and makes the rolling shutter distortion almost noticeable. The number of pixels remains about 24 million pixels and does not increase. What I personally pay attention to is whether or not to change the area around AF, whether it will be able to use OCTA PD technology to make the cross distance possible. The recording media will be a compatible double slot of CFEXPRESS TYPE A and SD UHS-II, like α1 and α7SIII, the recording media. The EVF should be about 9.44 million dots OLED, like α1 and α7SIII. The back monitor is about 2.36 million dots of LCD monitors, which will be a vari -angle. It is highly likely that the number of pixels of the α7RIV successor (α7RV?) Will be unchanged with about 61 million pixels. However, the image processing engine will be new and will be compatible with 8K videos by over sampling. EVFs and back monitors, like the successor to the α9II, should be about 9.44 million dots and about 2.36 million dots. The recording media will also be a compatible double slot between CFEXPRESS TYPE A and SD UHS-II. The image sensor is an image sensor, but it is expected that it will not be a laminated type, but it is not surprising that it will be a laminated type considering α1. In any case, the slow reading speed is the weakness of the α7RIV, and the rolling shutter distortion is noticeable, so it is certain that the reading speed will increase. Looking at this, Sony seems to be a strategy to steadily remodel the model. Postscript The new digital camera popular ranking of the map camera in June 2022 has been announced. This ranking is based on the number, and new products tend to come to the top. It was just released on the Canon EOS R7 on June 23. The second place is Sony α7IV, showing the same strength. The third place is Canon EOS RP, but it is still popular, despite being a model three years ago. The fourth place is Sony VLOGCAM ZV-E10 for the first time in a long time. The fifth place was EOS R6, 카지노 and the sixth place was EOS R5 and regulars. The seventh place is Nikon Z 9, the 8th place is OM System OM-1, and the 9th place is Nikon Z 6II. Ricoh THETA SC2 was ranked 10th. The whole -lap camera seems to have a certain demand.

Take JPEG. I lost to the heat of the day and rarely went out. I went out after a long time. JPEG is taken, and it is a picture -style auto, auto white balance, ISO auto and camera. This 24-105 mm “Annight” zoom lens is light and easy to handle. It’s more like using APS-C-based single-lens reflex, rather than a 35mm trial mirrorless camera. Canon EOS RP, RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM, aperture F8, 1/500 seconds, AWB, ISO auto.

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