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I think it’s better to go from Macau to eat breakfast and rest a little. No matter how much I look for the marina in the US or Europe. In Hong Kong, Macau is in a shopping center.

Pagoda is the entrance to the ridiculous restaurant in the same shopping building. The floor and walls are embellished with marble with colorful patterns, and the chandelier hangs on the ceiling, which is as extremely splendid as any royal palace in Europe.

It is divided into a place where the dock is not an Open Space, but a place where the dock sells cleanly in a large shopping center. There are a lot of ships to the nearby China coastal city, not just Macau. Table prices are also varied because they are in general seats, first and special seats. I went to the regular seat, but it is different from the HK133 (USD $ 20) and the HK140 to come. Even if it’s the same company ship. It takes about an hour, so the distance is 65 kilometers, so it looks like a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. I can’t go out on the deck, but I look out of the boat, so I run quickly, so the water purple is fried like a debris on the window, so the window is steamed so that I can’t appreciate the sea scenery. In the past, I went out to Ulleungdo and Dokdo, and I went to Ulleungdo in Pohang to go to Ulleungdo and Dokdo.

I don’t know if Suzy is right even though it’s a low season or two -thirds on a big ship. It runs 24 hours in peak season and now runs from morning to 10:30 pm. It goes every 30 minutes. The other method of Macau from Hong Kong is a way to ride a helicopter, the tourist guide tells you, but the fare is $ 300 for $ 300. Instead, the time can go quickly to 16 minutes. When I went back to Hong Kong, I tried to ride once, but no one waited in Hong Kong.

Macau Coast Passenger Terminal

When you get off at Macau Dock, you get close to your habit. There is a habit wherever you drive in a car, so when you move, I always think of it. However, as the intention of the trip, he did not rent a car, but instead saved local Chinese guides. A young Chinese friend was good at English. Macau is Portugal and Chinese is 澳 澳 (Ao Men).

The Portuguese acquired the Macau residence in the Ming Guangdong region in 1557, which led to the first Europeans entering China. At the time, the Portuguese lived near the sculpture (妈 阁, tomb), and when I asked the locals, the locals were misunderstood as asking for the tomb, and it was called Macau because of this. . The etymology is not similar to the firing Alta, which I inferred last year.

Even after 450 years, it was returned to China in December 1999, and like Hong Kong, it has been incorporated into the Special Administrative District by 2050 to prevent the residents of the residents. I was also worried about what the future would happen in the next 40 years. Currently, the population is about 700,000, which is about one tenth of the Hong Kong population. Therefore, Macau 룰렛돌리기 and Hong Kong are Chinese territory, but now they are similar to individual countries, and they must be inspected except for Macau and Hong Kong residents. However, Macau and Hong Kong residents are like electrons, and once they get on the subway, they will go in and out. Visitors like me are also a little annoying to stand in the long line and take the entry and exit and stamp the passport. Already five stamps were taken. Hong Kong entry, Hong Kong departure, Macau entry, Macau departs, and re -enter Hong Kong. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is one more in Hong Kong.

Macau is not an island, but a small peninsula and two small islands attached to the mainland of China. Macau consists of two Typhas and Coloan, Macau City, which is attached to the mainland of China. Therefore, the north end of Macau is adjacent to the mainland of Guangdong Province, China. In the guide, these days, the number of Chinese mainlands who go to Macau from Macau from mainland China is gradually increasing, and the concerns of Macau residents is that the illegal influx of Chinese mainlands may have side effects in the narrow Macau. In fact, Macau has a small residential area and will be almost the world’s first and second place in terms of population density. In addition, economic activities are focused on the service industry (35 casinos are currently increasing), so they can’t get a breath of economic development in other areas.

On the map, there is a peninsula macau at the top, and three other islands are connected to three bridges.

Today’s guide sightseeing is only a macau and time to Typa and Coloan. The reason why Coloan became a new tourist destination for Koreans was not seen, but more people are looking for the local location of the 2006 drama “Gung” starring Yoon Eun -hye and Ju Ji -hoon here. In the Macau Peninsula, there are many cultural heritages left by the Portuguese, and the Catholic Cathedral and the Church are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As I fall asleep, I have to blow away a few major heritage today, finish my trip, go back, and take pictures to rewrite them more specifically. Today, I don’t have a backpack and carry only the camera, but I’m tired because I’m wearing a camera in the afternoon.

The place where tourism starts from the beginning is the Sedona Square, and since the establishment of Portugal, the plaza is not large. The white building behind the fountain was the city hall case.

There are many different colors of buildings on the left and right of the square. The tourist booklet is a pastel building.

Macau’s first church building with a nearby castle Dominique Cathedral. Baroque and Chinese architectural style. The bottom of the road is all tiled from Portugal

Stairs from the bottom to St. Paul Cathedral. It is crowded as a tourist even though it is a non -sung season.

St.paul’s cathedral and university built between 1602-1640. It is burned down in the 19th century fire and only its skeleton remains.

It is famous for its collaboration between Asia and European architecture for the meeting of the Dragon and the Virgin.

A statue of Mateo Richi standing on the road to the Citadel from St. Paul’s Cathedral. He was also a Roman Catholic priest in Italy, and he was also a missionary in Macau as a bride. (1552 – 1610)

If you go up the Matteo Rich Award, there is a trapezoidal citadel. At present, there is a cannon at the time of 24 inquiries and is located at the highest location in Macau, so it is good to be written on the citadel.

Grand Lisboa’s unusual building. It is the highest 47 -story building from Macau and is 261 meters high.

The casino opened in 2007 and 800 Game Table and

There are 1000 Slot Machine to attract many tourists.

It is the oldest temple in Macau and has about 600 years of history. The temple was a temple that had been mixed with Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucius. The tomb of the crew’s guardian deity, Amazon, is a festival of the goddess on March 23 of the lunar calendar. Most Chinese are worshipers, and the scent of Korean mosquitoes is placed on the temple with the amulet.

The mosquito scent is riding with the amulet.

These aromas are hanging around in the temple, so they are riding with acting.

Everybody worshipers buy, insert them, and make a wish. Do you want my wish?

In other forms, the amulet is attached to the model lotus leaf.

Macau Tower. It is about 380 meters high in the world. Bungee jumps, but it’s $ 300. It is a bridge that connects the legs to the right with a Typa.

When I came back to Hong Kong from Macau, the sun fell quickly, so I took a little night view of Hong Kong.

This seems to be the only Hong Kong night view. I have to have a trivet of him.

As I went back to Hong Kong, I looked closely at the signboard that was caught on the street. I was proud of my mind as if I found a trace that Koreans were doing economic activities. -JH-


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