Last night, I saw the first half of Grand Order this morning.

I really liked Amakusa, and I wanted to make it a best couple of distance in the peace that the coupling with Semi Lamis was too precious (TOT).

I know that these two are unusually strong, but what is Karuna so ridiculous?

Agni itself didn’t seem to be a hero, but when he used a fire, he said Agni, right? At first I was like a complex, and I thought it was like that.

Karuna likes personality, face and fighting.

It looks honest, inorganic and stiff, has no cunning fragments, seems to be an unusual, an unusual attachment, too strong and ruthless battle, even elegant.

Amakusa likes appearance, voice and stoic.

In most stories, the ideals that are likely to be depicted in madness are serious, and even if they abandon their anger and hatred, they will be prepared to go to all their souls and to set their perfect systems. It was good that the last patience over the moon was calm.

Semi Lamis likes beauty, nobleness and loyalty to Amakusa, which transcends contracts.

In history and myths, mostly beautiful women are a matter of fighting, but women who are too strong who do not succumb to anything are too precious that Amakusa’s “only” specially died. I thought (´- `)

The precious magic of “only” …

These three were more than their strength, dignified, straightforward, and very good.

I also like black Saber, Archer, and riders, but these three people have a red overwhelming victory. I also like Akireus.

I think that the 크레이지슬롯 composition of Jeanne and Amakusa at the end of the world was a collection of heroes from all over the world, which tend to be miscellaneous.

By the way, what can I read about semi -lamis?

I recognized it as a goddess of Babylonia, but it was more wide because I said Assyria, right?

When I loved stars and started reading myths, most of the Greece gods and heroes came out.

Until Ethiopia, Egypt, and China, you can meet a considerable number of gods in the flow from the celestial bodies.

Myth is interesting … I reach India and Scandinavian mythology.

Then, when you reach out to the Bible, you will see many angels and demons. I haven’t seen much of the Bible, so will it come out if I read it with that side? I don’t have the impression that I have about semi -lamis, so I want to know the original semi -lamis.

In addition, it was very strange to see, but when I headed for the Holy Grail, why did I take off my clothes (-ω-?)

Eh! What this person, “I’m amazing even if I take it off!” ! I inadvertently sprinkled the meat (; ´Д `)

Grand Order has only seen half of half, but I could listen to Tristan of my long-awaited ♪ There are many people who feel crazy if my knight is my feeling (^-^; Tristan is one of the few people with a good impression.

Even a Lance Lot, which is a very heroic, feels like a hero … (-ω-?).

It seems that Tristan will come out in the second half, but what happened in that situation in the first half? Is it a recollection? See you as soon as you return.

Apoclifa is the core of the story, and it feels easier because there are almost no small fish that are extremely pulled out.

Another package trip … The first place I arrived was the newly developed city of Shenzhen. However, it should be excluded from the three -day, five -day schedule.

It is a clean new city full of high -rise buildings, and it seems to be put into a schedule to make it a tourist destination.

There is a folk village that is pretty and pretty, but it’s not necessarily going to see it. (The picture comes out great)

Shenzhen enters the tight (?) Former troops. This is because Hong Kong is constantly moving from Hong Kong to Macau. All three areas can arrive for an hour with a small ship like a cruise ship.

Hong Kong travelers are mostly Chinese. It is said that it is so crowded to limit the Chinese. The Chinese people are good and disorder. Even if you are in our place, even if you sit in our place, even if you ask you to get out of the end, you won’t get up to the end without knowing it. The staff of the ship also asks you to sit in another empty place (me ~) I personally don’t seem to fit the Chinese.

Hong Kong port was anchored with a huge cruise ship that would appear in the movie ‘Titanic’. I want to go on a cruise ship one day. The cruise ship from Hong Kong to Southeast Asia costs 2.5 million won. I also produce a scene from the Titanic on the cruise ship’s deck (when this movie was very popular, I had a lot of lovers on the Han River cruise ship.)

In any case, 킹덤슬롯 Hong Kong’s port was clear, very refreshing and beautiful. The tram that I waited for in the evening was a bit amazing. The shopping mall is huge enough to get lost. But if you don’t like shopping, I don’t want to recommend it.

And Macau is quite exotic in the distance with relics with old cathedrals and Portuguese buildings. The beef jerky is a famous seasoning, and just like that …

Belly Xian (?) Shopping Mall, which has a famous gambling field in Macau, is a place that reproduces Italian streets. The ceiling floats white clouds and a small gondola runs inside the building. At least once it was a mysterious and luxurious interior.

Hong Kong … I think it’s too small to expect and there’s nothing to enjoy except shopping.

However, it will be remembered as a pleasant time to dream of a cruise ship in the clear summer sunshine.

Along with the forces who come back to the hotel at 10 o’clock at 10 o’clock after attending sightseeing all day … Why do you buy? hehe


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