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• Empathy Essay Choi Young -hoon There is no trivial life. How about reading? Cutting it right now is the rules of hair care. Lunch time, I entered the beauty salon next to my office. The aunt asked me what we were wondering about what we were doing. Hungry, I would have been curious about the country. One man is a skinny man with a white hair reminiscent of Japanese sushi craftsmen, and the other is a good man who reminds me of the impression between Kang Ho -dong and Ma Dong -seok. Often, suspicious equipment is loaded into a large Jeep and disappears. Moreover, the studio is crouching inside the computer store of the online marketing team leader, so the curiosity would have been bigger because it would not be seen on the roadside. Recently, the advertisements on the industrial top rotary billboards told me a few videos that Ulsan people know. Aunt, who had been listening to our identity for a long time, asked what was the hobby of me who was busy than expected. She said she was reading. It’s not just wrong. Nowadays, drinking domestic house beer, a new hero of convenience stores, watching daughter -in -law’s new idol dance, or watching sports highlights on YouTube is a hobby, but the most often spent money and time is the hobbies. If you 코인카지노 do, it is by far reading. She laughed as soon as she heard the hobby of reading. Something dynamic and expected to be plausible. She expected that she would have a different hobby if she was a copywriter or writer like anywhere else. That night, when reading was treated as an ordinary hobby, Colatral was a movie that I saw again on TV. The two men, who would have never met, are the artisans of the city of the city, and the film by Michaelman, a craftsman of the male actor. He is still a director of hit, which is considered the best city shooting, and is a director who directed Last Mohikan, one of the 90’s Sang -man films, and a guts who played Tom Cruise. The plot is simple. Vincent, a contractor who has been hired by a contractor to deal with five murders in Los Angeles, has a taxi driver with a taxi driver. Vincent carries Max as a driver like a hostage for five murders and travels around Los Angeles. He talks numerous conversations in the taxi, the space of the journey, and goes through various things together in the murder site. I couldn’t go to LA. If it’s a city that goes with Colatral, is it Sapporo and Hong Kong? Nevertheless, it is natural, but the two fail to understand each other. Max did not understand Vincent most is that there is no guilt of compassion and murder of people and life. In response to the question, Vincent replies, “A person died on the subway in Los Angeles, and no one cared for six hours.” In a large city called Los Angeles, it was a news that one person died became news. The heart of the big city, in which a person’s death is not treated as news, resembles Vincent. For Vincent, one person’s life is not less than the source of the completion of the mission and the capital received in return. For him, murder is only a chip of a casino that can be changed to money. Run, the desperate ways of thinking and values ​​about this person of Vincent are packed in ordinary words and inherent in our daily lives. Not long ago, as Professor Kim Nuri said in a lecture program, we did not look awkward to see people as resources of nations, cities, and corporations after democratization. The title of the official blog related to recruitment of a company is also said, “A country where people are resources.” As Kim Nuri says, our society may have focused on raising “competent” talents with only Vincent -like hearts without thinking about the education of dignified human beings over the past hundred years. And the present society created by those talents, and Professor Kim Nuri was called the Merry Torque Society, which evaluates humans around the ability. The future talents who live in the society take for granted that the university changes according to the results of the SAT and lives a different life according to one result. It is also natural that the evaluation of himself is achieved as a measurable indicator obtained through the execution of numerous missions. Toy guns newly ordered by Hae -sung, an online marketer. 150,000 won. No one kills.

When I just started a copywriter work, the word “execution” was the main topic of marketing. Of course, even now, if you search for “execution” in an online bookstore, more than 400 books will appear, and more than 200 books are limited to management. Run is the most important for killers like Vincent. There is no human life, situation, situation, or position. No matter how much this situation is, even if you complain, you have to run before the sun rises. Vincent’s competence, expertise, and market value as a killer are attributable to this firm execution.

The executor means executioner and executor as an executioner when translated into English. In particular, before modern times, the person who hit the death row directly with a knife or ax, and when he expressed it in our way, he called him like this. Vincent, who murders as a job, can be said to be a 21st century. It just pursues much more efficiency and charges more.

What kind of person is Max for Vincent, an executor and an executor? Max accidentally hesitates even if a woman in a taxi likes her. Her business card, she received her as her lawyer, and her call naturally gave up. Limousine service business, which has been dreaming for 12 years, is still cautious as it delays the automotive contract. For Vincent, this Max is a loser, a failure, a failure who has never executed anything in his life. Vincent tells Max that he will regret the rest of his life and die more than TV dramas. Why is it to the executor? People like Max are common around us. Max around us often hear Vincent’s refined version of Vincent’s evils to families, friends, seniors, and acquaintances like Vincent. Even if you listen to it, you don’t argue about it, or even naturally. Why do everyone advise and listen naturally? Anyone who is doing something right now or has made a performance can be confidently preached to a person like Max. I think that those who are doing their best now can say to those who are not doing anything. Those who consider the achievements that can be measured are the achievements, and I think that those who do not achieve such results can urge them to achieve the right results. Those who believe that they are doing better than the other person can advise people to find a good job or work for those who are judged to be. That is the implicit value of this society.

However, the person who does cannot laugh at the person who does B. A person who does a job or hobby cannot be said to be a better being than a person who does B. In addition, the performance measurement of the execution of A and the performance of B may not be the same. Like the evaluation of our lives. Yes. We are all born differently and have different aptitudes, and have different talents. Also, even if you have the same aptitude and talent, someone may not have met the opportunity to bring it out, or you may not be able to get a specific education. Those such as Vincent, who are not considering this post -war left and right, are only a praise of the praise of the executors and the performers who are prevalent in this era, the discriminatory pride of the birth, and the souvenir thinking method and values ​​that take it for granted. Vincent’s logic, which boldly criticizes others based on these execution and fractal, is similar to the logic of youth in this era who cannot remove the jumper with the school name and the school name in the book of Oh Chan -ho. As mentioned earlier, the logic was conceived in the absolute sacredness of the high growth period after the Korean War and the achievements of our praise. The sacredness is idolized in the overwhelming temple of self -development/development books, and is revered by the younger generation of the 21st century. Even now, religions that combine with the reversion and idols continue to create a monster that resembles Vincent. Oh Chan -ho’s monster in , a monster like a monster who takes and accepts “a society where gastrointestinal diseases must be taken for a job preparation, and a society where monsters that must be overcome” are taken for granted. It has been made.

This monster is another name for the “neoliberal personality” in Belgium’s clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, Paul Ferhae. Humans, such as Vincent, who have the personality, will take this era for granting abilityism as the greatest virtue.

It is natural that it is a human philosopher Franco “BIFO” Verardi, as pointed out in Rhapsody for Precariat: Instability of Socialism and Psychopathology of Information Labor, live in the fracture of labor. It means the fragmentation of time-activity. ”This means that the worker is no longer a person but a being that can be replaced at any time.

Verardi’s words, which were thrown more than a decade ago, were unfortunately melted into the new words of platform workers, and came to us in a new clothes. When they open the door, they stand with a chicken bag. He is roaming on an old scooter all day and in the night. Like Vincent’s UPS 45 caliber, H & K (Heckler and Koch), a German pistol with a good penetration for the perfect run.

Max’s bullet, the last shot of the society where human dignity is natural, penetrated Vincent across the door of the car. On the other hand, Vincent’s shooting, which lost his gun during a traffic accident that Max was deliberately caused, used Vincent’s shooting, which used the 9mm pistol of the building security guard’s S & W (Smith & Wesson), cannot penetrate the car’s door. It is a meaningful metaphor that Vincent, who used the highest performance pistol for his perfect execution and performance, dies with the pistol by Max, who stole the gun to protect others.

In the end, the killer Vincent dies in the gun of Somin Max. Max is a man who has killed murder and has just lived in daily life. He is penetrating the road situation by time in the city of Los Angeles. He can’t buy a bouquet of flowers in the hospital, but he also has a painful mother and has his own business plan. From the standpoint of Vincent, he is a frivolous daily life and a life -free life, but he has lived silently and lived silently. The inner stiffness, which supported the sincerity, made him gun to him who had never heard of the gun and allowed him to escape the killer with his lawyer. At the end, even though he was shot with his eyes closed, he pulled the trigger for Vincent. By someone who is reluctant or relatively light, someone may be rolling smoothly because of someone’s small gear. This means that there is no ghost in the job. In order for the perception of dignity to the other, Professor Kim Nuri’s lecture and book education, Dignocracy (Dignity+Cracy), will be possible.

The beginning of this dignity will begin by recognizing and acknowledging that we have different potential in it, like the main character of Kung Fu Hustle. The engine of the start will start by sending its perception and recognition to its own life first. Yes. If there are flowers that bloom in the spring, as if there are flowers in summer, autumn, and even in winter, your dreams that have been preparing for 12 years like Max, maybe soon bloom. It’s like the moment of Quantum Reef, who comes to the bamboo who has rooted in. We will have to encourage ourselves and each other to avoid losing our dignity until that moment comes. Thank you for being the difference between me and the other.

※ The Full version will be posted twice a week, monthly/Wednesday and nine to ten o’clock. Choi Young -hoon, a ten -year -old daughter, Eun -chae. 19 -year copywriter. A columnist who uses Economy Talk News to write and Choi’s thoughts. He is mainly written about the secrets of life I realized with my daughter. One life, three adventures. Freedom beyond the pinup girl

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