One weekend afternoon, I went to the bookstore to suddenly come out of the free. I have seen children read books, but I always look good. I don’t know who the child will be in the future, but I believe that most people who are close to the book will walk a good way of life.

As a child, my father told me to read more books than to study. You can be greedy for books. My father usually taught that a person should not be greedy, and he seemed to have thought that he had a good greed for man. After becoming an adult, I was interested in studying Chinese characters, but in fact, greed is a good word. If you solve the Chinese characters of greed, you use the ‘心’ in the ‘慾’ ’’. In other words, greed means the desire to do something, and the desire for a person is not bad.

Nevertheless, there are two reasons why ‘greed’ sounds negative to people. [1] The first is because of the same pronunciation, but because of the word ‘swear’, which has a different meaning. This swearing is the right swear that I used to say to me and others. The second is because many people have seen and heard the side effects of people greedy for a long time. The latter greed is ‘overburstation’. Overhearance is literally greedy (too many), and it is called greed.

If man is not greedy, it is a lie. There is no one who wants to. For example, he says that a person who enters the world and enters the deep mountains is mentally fostered to abandon greed. But even the desire he wants to abandon his greed is his desire, which is greed. However, the size of greed is unknown because the content and the amount of what they want are different for each person. However, the more 코인카지노 people who want great success, the more greedy. There will be a lot of things you need to achieve it. However, proper greed helps to go to success, but over and over can be accompanied by many side effects.

You go to the hospital if you have a cold. I don’t want to be hit, and I get a weekly prescription. The pharmacist passes the medicine bag and does not tell the peculiarity. However, you already know that all drugs can have side effects. The representative side effects you meet as you go to success are ‘overhaul’. If you overdose, you can damage yourself as well as others.

There is a rare desire like a book greed in our lives. On the other hand, the sense of accomplishment, which leads your success, has little side effects. The side effects are completely zero except when you are drunk and self -intelligent. This sense of accomplishment does not harm you and others. So you need to take advantage of your way of filling and emptying your mind. Full your feelings fill your heart and empty your desire.

You may have read Aesop’s fables that teach many people. In Aesop’s fables, animals familiar to people are anthropomorphic. Especially because each story contains lessons, the main readers are young children, but even if adults read, the lessons remain unchanged. In particular, one of the famous Aesop’s fables related to greed is The Hen Golden Eggs. This book is an interesting fairy tale that tells the various things that appear after a farmer who raises a hen with golden eggs. In particular, the scene where the farmer walks on the road and sees the wonderful mansion of admiration, and the scene of the hens that gave birth to the golden eggs due to the farmer’s overhangs still leave me.

If you look at the economic side of the news and newspapers these days, it seems to be very upset because of the price of apartments that are soaring every day. Everyone without a house pays money by attracting them. In addition, if you don’t have money, you will find all the loans of the financial sectors and buy real estate. When I hear this news, I understand their situation, but it’s a pity that it’s like a farmer in a fairy tale book. I just hope that there will be no sudden crash in real estate investments made with overdue than their own income level.

However, most successful people do not target the hens of the hens like a fairy tale farm. I sincerely thank the hens who give birth to their golden eggs every day. And they sell one golden egg to gain profits, investing it again to continue to call money and enjoy the sense of accomplishment. Of course, some of the successful people are one. These people would have divided the hens as if they were all in a game in a game. But as you know, some people may have been all -in and successful in casino games, but it’s very rare. This one -sidedism is just a thrilling story from a very limited person and in the film.

Not all desire is bad. There is also a certain time to be greedy depending on the right situation. But overhaul should not be your habit. You must be careful because you can change you like a drug addict. According to a drug addict, he could never erase the taste of the first drug. So he continued to find drugs and found a stronger drug when the effect fell. Eventually he became a drug addict. (He is now in prison as a drug offender.) The disadvantage of overbeating is like this drug. Human greed is endless. So when you step into the overpower, you will not be in the sense of a small sense of accomplishment that led you to success.

Do you remember the excitement of the sense of accomplishment you first felt in your life? You don’t have to tell me. Obviously, when the hen first gave birth to the golden eggs, it would have been like a farmer’s heart at that moment. Go back to the beginning. And value the small sense of accomplishment you get from everything you experience in your daily life. Otherwise, you will turn into a human being who only clings in vain results, like a farmer who cuts the hen’s stomach to take out all the golden eggs.

Tom Phillips, author of Human Black History, says that human greed is endless and the same mistake is repeated. It is not that human beings are ignorant of the same mistake, nor are they endlessly endless. This problem arises when greed grows in the heart and is expressed by action. This is because desire keeps human eyes away and hides its rational judgment to repeat the same mistake.

If you continue to overeat, you will gain weight and become obese. (I have proved it a long time ago.) A person who is obese reduces food intake and exercises while dieting to reduce weight, but it’s not as easy as it is. Because they work together and are strongly resisting you.

The same is true for overhaul. Overhearance creates a bad sense of achievement. And when bad accomplishment accumulates, you eventually become a result -oriented person. Even if desire becomes a habit, you will not be able to do it in your head that only overweights make a quick success. This can be a lot of obstacles to your success in the future. Remember, “Short greed bothers me shortly, and long greed bothers me long” [4]. Satisfaction with humans does not exist in the first place, but if you accept and live with you, your overpower can be suppressed.

[1] This hypothesis is a claim made by the author.

[2] Hen Hen (2020), Aesop Fables, Kim Jae -hong/IMam

[3] Human Black History (2020)/Tom Phillips/Wil Book

[4] Internet

*Cover Image: Pixabay


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