Please deliver the policies that resonate with your heart and support the lower house election to the end and the end. Previously, at this time, we, the cheering levetin, were in the streets of the street speech. Now that the Public Office Election Law has been changed, if the election campaign starts, hand microphones cannot be used in standing. In addition, in the proportional representative election, political parties will be candidates, and only the slogan -only names will be raised, such as “Casino will 더존카지노 be Iran” and “10%consumption tax is 5%”, and only bowing to cars and people on the road. 。 In such a regulation, the binding pamphlets are not eligible, and the “Gender Equality 2021” (gender equality) pamphlet was distributed in front of Hainan Station. One woman stopped near me and said, “There are many people around me. This is important.” Also, if you give it to a young woman saying “Gender pamphlet”, more and more people will receive it.

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“Baccarat” appears from Baccarat. Crystal glass objects with Pikachu & Monster Ball as motifs will be sold in Baccarat Shop Marunouchi from November 8, 2021 (Monday).

Pikachu & Monster Ball object

The “Baccarat Pokemon Collection”, which will be released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, has an object that expresses Pikachu & Monster Ball. Pikachu spreads both hands and is a loving pose with ears. The monster ball is designed in detail, such as giving a gold line on a clear crystal glass that Baccarat is proud of.

The 크레이지슬롯 object can be used not only as a decorative product on shelves, but also as a paper weight. Perfect for gifts for Pokemon fans.

Limited models by Hiroshi Fujiwara Fragment Design

In a limited quantity, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s “Pikachu by Fragment Design” also appeared. It is a product that condenses the advanced craftsmanship of Baccarat, and has been engraved with a fragment design a lightning logo on a Pikachu body composed of polygons.


Baccarat Pokemon Collection

Release date: November 8, 2021 (Monday)

・ Pikachu 55,000 yen Size: H14.5cm

・ Monster ball 49,500 yen size: φ7cm

Sales stores: Baccarat Shop Marunouchi, Baccarat Official Online Shop

・ Pikachu by Fragment Design 3,080,000 yen Size: H30cm

* 25 pieces of the world only

Sales stores: Baccarat shop Marunouchi


Baccarat shop Marunouchi

TEL: 03-5223-8868


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