This is an innovative tool that helps you get a blank key and generate a key for you and your customers.

Autel KM100 Universal KM100 Full configuration of universal keyigner kit

KM100 Universal key generation: key generation, key duplication, etc.

Two blank universal keys: Can be used when it’s convenient

Autel vci: After generating a key, perform key simulation and key learning.

USB cable: Transfer the data from the device to the laptop.

Another cable: Used to update old keys.

Power adapter: Supply power supply

How to use Autel KM100?

1. generate universal keys

Preparation: Autel Maxiim KM100+1 blank key

Connect to the Internet

Tap the universal key

Select the region, manufacturer, series, and model ear to find the vehicle

Tap the vehicle to display on the screen

After selecting the vehicle, read the instructions carefully

Place a blank key on the slot at the top of the device

Tap [generate universal keys]

Up to 1 minute in the key generation process

When the process is completed, a message shows the success of key generation will be displayed on the screen.

Tap completion, end this app and open special features

Tap [Detinating Universal Key Information]

Read the key information and display it on the screen

When the key is generated, use Autelkm100 to pair the key with the vehicle. pairing

Preparation: Autel Maxiim KM100+1 Blank Key+1 Work key

With a universal key, tap IMMO when the key is generated normally.

Hot function >> Tap key (with guide)

Pressing “Start” will automatically execute the following functions:

Step 1: Initialization of functions

Step 2: IMMO system check

Step 3: Read the key number

Step 4: IMMO Security Verification

Step 5: Original key programming

Step 6: New key programming

Step 7: Synchronization of key data

Step 8: Read the key number

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Bring the registered keyless access remote control to one vehicle and remove all other keyless access remote controls from the vehicle.

Turn on the ignition switch (Press the engine start/stop button twice without pressing the foot brake)

The information from the work key was read normally. Click [Yes] to check the blank key

Take out all the original keyless access remote control from the vehicle

Bring a new keyless access remote control to the vehicle

The new key will be registered almost immediately to sync information with the vehicle.

Turn on/off the ignition several times

Wait for the ECU to stabilize

Turn on the ignition switch (Press the engine start/stop button twice without pressing the foot brake)

Make sure that both keyless access and immobilizer indicator light are off

Turn off the ignition switch

Registration has been completed. Turn off the ignition switch

Check all the keyless access remote controls, check each engine starting, check all keyless access remote controls, and confirm that each door locks and unlocks.

3. Clone key
• 46 password calculation

Read/Create clone >> 바카라 Create clone >> 46 Tap the password calculation

Place the key on the key lot at the top

Press “Start” to recognize the key

Disassemble the key so that the battery does not interfere with the password calculation process

Next, another main component will be installed on the vehicle

In this step, you need to read the key password

Place the key next to the start button and place the edge of the KM100 ketsul transponder right behind it.

To read the password normally, you may need to press the start button two or three times.

At this stage, it may take up to 3 minutes to calculate the password.

It is necessary to run a simulation, so take a picture when the password is displayed.


Vehicle: Example: 2018 Nissan Sentry

[Read/Clone Creation] >> Tap [Edit]

Select IMMO type “HITAG2 (ID46)”

Enter the calculated password in the last step

The password starts with the fifth character of taking a picture

Take the first four and place them at the end

After entering correctly, tap [Read all]

Take a picture of this information as it will be needed in the next step

Finish the app and tap the KM100 transponder function

Tap the transponder simulation and ID46 at the top

In the case of P0: Enter the field with a label called IDE in the last photo

In the case of P1: Enter the first four numbers from the original key password.

In the case of p2: Keep the first four numbers and then enter the first four numbers in the original password.

In the case of p3: Enter TMCF information

Finally, tap Simulation to get on the vehicle with KM100 and turn on the engine.

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