BOTTEGA VENETA, a luxury leather product brand founded in Italy in 1966. It is the finest luxury brand in the world, as the name of Bottega (studio) is known for its high -quality items supported by craftsmanship. Above all, bags and wallets using a technique called “Intrecchart”, which are braided with smooth straps, are very popular. Items that can be loved for a long time are recommended regardless of gender, so be sure to check it out. [Image: “BOTTEGA VENETA” Ranking 10th to 1st place] In this article, we will introduce recommended products of “BOTTEGA VENETA”. ● BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta) Wallet coin purse 114075-V001N “BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta) Wallet coin purse 114075-V001N” is an Intrechart coin case that is synonymous with Bottega Veneta. It features a touch and a unique glossy feeling that is unique to genuine leather. One of the pleasures is to increase the depth by continuing to use. The interior is divided into three pockets and can store not only coins but also cards. ● BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta) Long wallet Intrecciato 639856-VCPQ7 “BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta) Long Wallet Intrecchart 639856-VCPQ7” is a long wallet with a blue color with a popular Intrecchart design. It is an easy -to -use round zipper type and is rich in card case. The design with a strong presence to the details is recommended for gifts as well as rewards for yourself. ● BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta) Bi-fold wallet Intrecciato 600270-VCPP3 “BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta) Bi-fold Wallet 바카라 Intrecciato 600270-VCPP3″ is a vivid yellow-fold wallet. Popular Intrecciato design, neat and compact size. There are six card slots and two pockets, and the storage capacity is perfect. ●Bottega Veneta(ボッテガヴェネタ) キーホルダー イントレチャート MidnightB/Mid.B-N.O 607492-VCPQ1 「Bottega Veneta(ボッテガヴェネタ) キーホルダー イントレチャート MidnightB/Mid.B-N.O 607492-VCPQ1」は、人気のイントレチャートデザインのキーホルダー。 The whole is combined in black one tone to make a chic impression. Recommended items for gifts for men.

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