Dinner party sponsored by the evening junket

A pretty big dining venue

It’s crowded with people

Manila is Wizkorona

Banquet start here

The members are older Abek and two elderly parents, Mr. Fuku and a single F from the middle of the single -man, and I, I, and the Kanto -like duo who arrived later.

This duo that seems to be Kanto people is a nice guy for rabbits.

Is it a host who seems to be about 40 in the year, and one person gets in a suit in a suit in a suit?

The other was rough, but beautiful.

When they are listening to them, they talk to each other in honorifics, what is the relationship?

Greetings are perfect for us who meet for the first time.

It’s very different from the eagle^_^

After that, 13 staff members of 3 staff members

Is the dining venue playing a live band with a huge sound? song?

I was asked to introduce myself in advance because it was a feeling that I could not hear it without raising my voice next to each other, but it was impossible.

Each Gotoku baked, about an hour’s banquet.

I’m usually shy, but I enjoyed it quite a bit from the beginning. Thank you for the junket 😊

Two -shot with the Emperor of Manila

The information of this guy is a wide variety of rabbits

Needless to say, I asked for the next attendance

I wrote the 5 and remembered, but yesterday when Mr. M in Kanto returned, actually


He said why he went.

I found my favorite because Fukuoka was tired at the first visit, but I didn’t take it home.

Then, in order to go again, P, H, who had been on the PCR test, H and me, and I was planning to re -assault at night.

A clinic from a Japanese doctor who arranged by a junket. Fee 3950P It seems to be very crowded because it was introduced on YouTube recently. If you use it, make an early reservation.

If you return to the junko room after the inspection and talk about playing in the game in the game with everyone (four on board), can we offer us if the staff is played today? I will ask.

eh? eh?

It was weak^_^

Before coming to the Philippines, one staff promised to take me to play at night. In Kansai, of course, the outlook is given. Eagle at this time.

How much will the total for eight people?

So I thought. I’m not very handsome, but I pay all 카지노 the food and drink costs for both staff. If you take it home, I would like to ask yourself. The three told me that they would naturally pay. Yeah, I’m small.

I saw my mom the day before entering the store.

She calls her mom and a little chip.

After that she has a mom.

What if you get money?

The staff who was present is Campai.

Cola because I can’t drink only me.

If you enjoy the conversation for a while, you will touch your shoulders from behind.

What? Who?

Looking back, Mom brought a model -shaped Cho -beautiful child who played the chips the day before.

Mammer is good.

However, the child flows.


I was weird, but I thought that my last two people were dropped, so this time I decided only for everyone’s setup.

But she danced on the stage and did the chips for her. I did more than the take -out fee. In addition, I gave my companions money and dared to go to the stage and pushed her back. Everyone riding is good. The old man after 50 runs while smiling. Other customers also applaud 👏

Beautiful older sister

I will nominate next time 😎

Drink and go home to the hotel.

Before returning to the room, I dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the casino the other day. Only I participated alone. But I call a masseur in the room. Disbanded around 24:00. Yeah, the meal fee is winning, so Fukuoka’s extraordinary. thank you.

The one -handed person is like this.

I wrote this addition because it was requested by a person, but I’m sorry because I don’t have a literary talent.

By the way, next is the final round of the Baccarat and the return edition


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