Until November


Setouchi Fukuyama Fishing Kittaka

One Tenya has vacant seats after September 10th

Request when boarding a sword

Limited to the deck space on board

Please give a cooler up to 45L as much as possible

Also, the amount of ice that can be paid is limited.

If you are a big cooler

We recommend that you put it separately

10 days

Pick up in the morning

The rest is small even if you can catch it

Do you want to hit …

Will you go safely …

I hit it

I’m waiting for another revenge


The day before, quite wide …

It’s 호게임 solid today

Shinsei Co., Ltd. (TDB Corporate Code: 200460964, capital 66 million yen, 3-12-4 Minamikomiya, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa, 17-1 Shimokawa-shi, Atsugi City, Koji Otsuka) The business was suspended by the 31st, and the post-processing was left to Tsurugo Mochi (2-3-24 Honmachi, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, telephone 0465-24-1860). It is expected to apply for bankruptcy in the future. Our company was established in August 1973 (Showa 48). Initially, he operated a superstore, but he gave up the business continuation due to the intense competition, and 호텔카지노주소 was switched to pachinko parlors in 1992, acquired by another corporation. After that, a total of four stores were opened under Atsugi store (two stores, a pachinko specialty store and a slot specialty store), the Hiratsuka store, and the Minamiashigara store under the name of “Synthe 800 million”. Each store was a suburban store with a large parking lot, and in the fiscal year ending August 2004, the annual income was 22.51 billion yen. However, after that, the number of pachislot Unit 5 and the decline in customer unit prices due to the economic downturn did not stop, and in the fiscal year ending August 2010, the annual income was 9.46 billion yen, less than 10 billion yen. rice field. In recent years, business performance has been forced to decrease further due to the opening of competitors, regulations, and young pachinko separation, and the annual income has been reduced to 2.8 billion yen in the fiscal year ending August 2019. Furthermore, since the number of visitors to the store due to the expansion of the new Corona infection, the annual income in the fiscal year ended August 2021 was about 2.3 billion yen. While recovering business performance became difficult, the store was closed in late August this year, and this is the case. The debt is about 1 billion yen, but it may fluctuate in the future.


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